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Miss Reynolds - Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Croeso i Blwyddyn 5


Class Information

  • Start time- 8:50am   Finish time- 3:10pm
  • Our topic this term is : SUPER SURVIVAL 
  • P.E: Kits need to be worn every Friday



Summer term 2021

Our topic this term is SUPER SURVIVAL. During our pupil voice sessions we talked about what we would like to find out and learn.

 Here are some of our ideas.

Mighty Mountains!

  • Discover what mountains are and where the major mountain ranges in the world
  • Investigate why mountains have their own climate and explore data for particular mountains
  • Create spreadsheet and graphs showing mountain data
  • Investigate what makes mountains popular tourist destinations and compare these destinations between seasons
  • Explain how a volcano erupts 
  • Explore the fundamental beliefs of Buddhism and find out who Buddha was
  • Investigate why Lhasa is important to Tibetan Buddhists 
  • Compare and group animals who live on Mount Everest and Ben Nevis
  • Investigate how animals have adapted to their environments 
  • Sort mountain animals into food chains and food webs
  • Create artwork in the style of Nicholas Roerich
  • Read and explore 'Touching the Void'. Did Simon make the right decision? What would you do?

Born Survivor! Have you got what it takes?

Surviving in the wild isn't as easy as you think- extreme climates, extreme conditions, extreme situations.

Learn how it's done with Bear Grylls!


  • Island Survival- Tips, skills, explanations on how to stay alive!
  • Setting up camp: Weather, food, clothing 
  • Design a shelter: Using paper and straws create a waterproof shelter 
  • Clean drinking water: How can we make water safe to drink?
  • Healthy diet: What foods will we need to stay healthy and fit?
  • Keep our selves in top health conditions. Organs of the body and what they need
  • Kensukes Kingdom by Micheal Morpurgo- Explore poetry