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Sern Yr Wynthos





23rd November: Luke Taylor, Riley James, Phoebe Hughes, Logan Fox and Kellyn Beadle

School Council’s award: Alexis Pritchard

Headteacher’s award: Charlie Daly


7th December: Rhys Webber, Neave Wood, Alexis Pritchard, Layla Bowen, Sienna Williams and Ethan James

School Council’s award: Charly Daly

Headteacher’s award: Nursery, reception, years 1 and 2. Liam Skupinski and Ruby Pitt for becoming our School Sports Ambassadors!


14th December: Harry Williams, Will Morris, Tomos Griffiths, Jac Morris, Tyler Harries and Connah Evans.

School Council’s award: Ruby Pitt

Headteacher’s award: Joy Olidi, Carter Hughes-Wynn and Lily Davies.